How to start a tutoring business in South Africa

How to start a tutoring business in South Africa

Starting a tutoring business in South Africa is not that difficult, there are not many barriers to entry. A lot of people that go into this business are people looking to make some side cash or earn an income from it. This business is great for both options, many people are not aware of just how much money you can actually make tutoring students in South Africa. This is a brief guide on how to start a tutoring business in South Africa.

Requirements: tutoring business in South Africa

Not a lot is required to start this business, you don’t necessarily have to register it as a business. You need to have passed the subjects you are going to tutor by at least 80%. A lot of people in South Africa need Math, Science and Accounting tutors; this is where the most demand is and where you are likely to make money.

Marketing a tutoring business South Africa

The level of marketing you need for this type of business will depend largely on your goals. Do you want to have a huge tutoring agency with multiple tutors and students or you just want to be the sole tutor and offer your services to a limited number of students? The answer to that will determine your approach.

Have a business website

It doesn’t matter if you are planning on tutoring as a side job business, you will need to have a website to convince a lot of your potential clients about your abilities. Also, websites make things much easier for you, instead of leaving your phone numbers everywhere; you can just tell your clients to visit your website to get all the necessary information.

A website will just give you a level of professionalism that you won’t get with a social media page. People will take you more seriously, and if you are looking to develop a huge agency then a website that has been optimized with SEO can have a significant impact in your business. Get yourself a website; it doesn’t have to be fancy.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing might make it easy to lend your first clients, you will definitely need a website to conduct an effective social media marketing campaign. You can reach about 8 000 people from as little as R1 000 with Facebook ads, you can set this all up from your home, which saves you the stress of having to go out and tell people about your services. You will need to do social media marketing, especially if you are an agency. Here is a more detailed guide on social media marketing.

Traditional marketing

Your budget will likely determine which marketing method you go with, you can also do traditional marketing like printing out flyers and posters. You will have to put these posters up at a school, arrange with some schools in your area and ask them to promote your services to their students. This is perfect because your target market is learners, students. Putting up your posters at their school with a nice web address and some contact details will do the trick.

Use business cards

Business cards are more useful for certain businesses and not so useful for others. This is one business that can benefit greatly from using business cards. You can give your business card to every student you meet that might need tutoring services. It will also make you seem that much more professional.

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