How to start a shisa nyama business

How to start a shisa nyama business

Shisa nyama is at the heart of South Africans, we all come together to enjoy a nicely braaied meat and some drinks on our favourite spots. This article will look at how to start a shisa nyama business in South Africa.

Starting a successful shisa nyama business is not easy but has been proven possible by a lot of entrepreneurs in our townships. You will find a popular chisa nyama spot in every kasi that you go to. Let’s first look at what you will need to start your business.

What does a shisa nyama sell?

To find out what you will need we must first find out what you are planning to sell on your shisa nyama business. In South Africa, you can sell beef, wors, chicken, alcohol and a few salads. What you sell will depend on your target market, a shisa nyama in the suburban areas tends to be a little different to one at our townships. As an entrepreneur you should first draft down a list of everything you will sell. Doing this will make it easier for you to know which equipment to buy.

What do you need to run a successful shisa nyama?

1) Operating premises

You need an operating space to sell your shisa nyama and serve your customers. Unfortunately, this is one of the most difficult businesses to start from your house. People go to a shisa nyama spot to relax, socialise and for the atmosphere. You need an operating spot big enough to accommodate this. How much it costs will depend on your preferred location.

Your operating premises should have adequate facilities to make your customers enjoy your spot. You should have enough chairs for your customers to sit on, enough fires for them to braai at without waiting in line for a long time. You should also have an entertainment system in the form of music and television.

The entertainment system is for keeping them entertained, you should play trendy music and create a good atmosphere that they’ll want to be in. Play sports or popular programmes on your tv when it’s time to do that. Make sure that your customers will have enough shelter in the case of rain. Setting up operating premises can cost anywhere between R20 000 to R150 000 depending on what you want.

2) Shisa nyama equipment

A shisa nyama business does not require a lot of equipment, you need a few refrigerators to store your meat and drinks, entertainment systems, chairs and fire areas. On the fire areas; you can choose to use gas burners or traditional charcoal. You will also spend a little on chairs. We don’t assume that your shisa nyama will also be a slaughterhouse.

3) Employees

The last thing you need is people, you need maybe one to six employees when starting out. These employees will help with the day to day running of the business. You need a person that will clean and maintain the area, another that will focus on helping customers and another that will deal with sales and making sure there is enough of everything.

4) Marketing a shisa nyama business

I’m sure you have been to a few shisa nyama spots, did you go there because you saw them being advertised on tv, radio, newspaper or flyers? Or was it because you were referred to them by a friend or you were just passing by? I’m guessing it’s the latter. A shisa nyama business does not need to invest a lot on marketing as this happens almost naturally as long as it is an accessible location and it has a good atmosphere.

5) Legalities

Opening a shisa nyama does not require any special legalities unless you will be selling alcohol. If you are going to sell alcohol then you need to have a liquor license permitting you to do so. Otherwise, you only need to register your business at CIPC like other businesses.


Starting a shisa nyam business is one of the most fun adventures. This article has discussed on how to start a shisa nyama business. Do you have any thoughts or questions? Leave them in the comment section below.

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  20. Where do I register my Shisanyama business

    1. You can register your business at the CIPC, go to Google and type “How to register my business” and click on the first link ( not advert) and follow the instructions. You can also register through FNB, FNB will automatically open a business account for you when you register via them.

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