How to start a roof cleaning business in South Africa

How to start a roof cleaning business in South Africa

Starting a roof cleaning business can be a very great way to make money in South Africa. This is a business that has low barriers to entry while being very lucrative. This is a guide on how to start a roof cleaning business in South Africa.


This is a business that most people don’t think about even though there is a demand for roof cleaners. There are many reasons why people decide to clean their dirty, it can be because it’s too dirty or they’re going to host an event in their homes and want everything to be perfect.

A dirty roof can overshadow the beauty of a house, apart from residential areas; commercial areas also need roof cleaning once in a while. Cleaning a roof usually takes a very long time, you can be able to clean just a few roofs a month while making a lot of money if you know how to charge well for your services.

This business has a very low barrier to entry but most people aren’t attracted to it because of the physical labour and the difficulty of getting clients.

Buy equipment

There are not much equipment needs to be bought to get this business up and running. You just need a high-power pressure washer and a few things to get you started. This might cost you a few thousand Rands. It’s best to get a brand new one.

It’s also important to get cleaning supplies, these can be normal cleaning chemicals or special chemicals that won’t do much damage to the roof.

Get insurance

It’s very important to get a liability insurance if you are going to be doing this kind of business. A lot can go wrong while you are on top of other people’s roofs. A liability insurance will protect you from everything that may go wrong.

A client won’t “forgive” you even if what you did was an honest mistake, it’s best to avoid all these unnecessary lawsuits that can put you out of business.

Register your business

Register your business as a private company, this further protects you from losing your personal assets in any legal battle. The cost of registering a business in South Africa is only R125, this will also make it much easier to work with other companies and get government tenders among other benefits.

Market your business

Marketing this business is challenging at first but it gets better with time. Getting your first client might be a challenge but from there on, you get more clients from referrals. Referrals are going to be your biggest source of clients.

This is because some people don’t know how a good, clean roof enhances the beauty of their homes. They realize this when they see it from your past clients, which kickstarts the chain of referrals. Don’t invest much into social media marketing, rather advertise on a billboard or using flyers wherever you stay.

It’s important to network as well, particularly with home owners and other people who are in the construction business. Someone might ask a plumber if they know anyone who does roof cleaning, at which point the plumber will recommend you.


This was a guide on how to start a roof cleaning business in South Africa. Do you have any thoughts or questions? Comment below.

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