How to start a paraffin business in South Africa

How to start a paraffin business in South Africa

This is a guide on how to start a paraffin business in South Africa.

A paraffin business was once one of the thriving businesses in South Africa. It still is, one may ask if selling paraffin is relevant in this day and age. Paraffin is still very relevant, South Africa is a very unequal country, in actual fact, it is the most unequal country in the world as of 2020. A lot of households still use paraffin in South Africa.

The average person in the Alfred Nzo district municipality earns less than R1 600 per month. That district has close to one million people. Paraffin is still pretty much in high demand in South Africa, but you should be more careful about where you sell it.

Uses for paraffin

A lot of people still use paraffin for cooking, in both villages and townships. It is still used as a lighting source in rural areas where there is no electricity. In developed areas; paraffin is used as a lubricant for machinery and also for industrial purposes, such as making petroleum products.

Being a paraffin wholesaler

In order to be able to sell paraffin to people; you need to apply for a license from the department of Mineral Resources and Energy. The license costs R1 000 once off and an annual fee of R500. It allows you to buy paraffin or petroleum products in bulk (1 500 litres or more) from a licensed manufacture and sell it to end users.

It takes a maximum of 90 days to get hold of this license from the department.

Is a paraffin business profitable?

This business is easily profitable, especially when you are doing it as a wholesaler, a lot of smaller businesses will buy paraffin from you in order to resell to their communities. The paraffin is brought to you by the manufacture most of the time, so you don’t have to worry about transportation costs eating too much into your profits.

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  1. I am intetested in starting a paraffin distribution businesd in on of the smallvtowns of the Free State.
    a) Do I need a dedicated building for the business?
    b)Will I need to buy a storage tank? Kindly provide a catalogue.

    1. a) You don’t really need a dedicated building.
      b) Yes, or a container, to store your paraffin.

    2. Hi I can supply you with paraffin. Pls whatsapp me 0717523220 we are licensed

  2. Will wait for reply.

  3. I’m willing to start selling paraffin after got lisence, where can I get storage tanks

  4. Hi I would like to start the paraffin selling business in the Free State once I receive the license, advise where do I get the container?
    Regards Pamela

  5. Hi Pamela. I can supply you with paraffin. Contact me 0823953904.

  6. Hi I want to be a paraffin agent I’m in Gauteng

  7. Morning Guys I want to a Paraffin business
    Im stay in PE (Qheberha).

    Where do I get container and Supplier?

  8. Hi I need to sell paraffin Im in Cape Town do I need containers

  9. Hi guys I want to sell paraffin I’m from Tembisa please contact me 074 948 2080

  10. I am looking to start paraffin business where can I get a tank container for paraffin storage .

  11. Hello when I did My reasech to department of energy at East London they told me that , there’s no need for licence if I only selling paraffin not petrol

  12. Hello guys I had a visit to department of energy at East London about my interest for selling paraffin,they told me that, there’s no need for licence if I will sell paraffin only not petrol or desel

  13. Hi there

    I I’m looking to buy n resell paraffin I’m based in Johannesburg Diepsloot
    WhatsApp number:0789654872
    I need it urgently please

  14. Hi guys, I am interested in selling paraffin. Do I need a license? I am from Kzn in Bergville.

  15. I supply paraffin around Gauteng. If you are looking to start the business of selling or if you are already selling and need a supplier, please Whatsapp 0677700660

  16. Hi..!! I’m currently buying paraffin with 25 liters and selling it for profit price and now I’ll like to grow my business were I can sell it to small business owners in Bloemfontein . Can you please help me with this business..!! ?

  17. We are a supplier of fuel and Paraffin in Gauteng and Limpopo , our number is 081 300 3420

  18. We can supply you with Paraffin in Gauteng & Limpopo, call 0813003420

    1. How much perliter

  19. Hi,
    I’m interested in selling paraffin, to individuals, as well as to small businesses, especially in lesotho.

    Is it a good business eg, profitable?
    How much is a tank, e.g 5000 liters capacity ,and all connections including a dispenser pump?
    Finally, how much is 5000 liters of paraffin, at wholesale price, distribution inclusive?

  20. Hi i`m interested in starting a parrafin busness in the western cape,are there any wholesalers of parraffin in the western cape you can hook me up with please

  21. Hi m located in Gauteng,m interested in selling paraffin

  22. Good morning my name is Xakatha Joseph Majola Staying in Gauteng Vanderbijlpark, i really wish to start a business of selling Paraffin, I understand the license issue which ill do that but i must start with my logistics, any one who can help i will appreciate.

    My mobile number is 073 600 0471

    Please help

    1. Hey Xakatha, I am in Vanderbijlpark as well. Good luck with your business 🙂

  23. Hy Edwin…no licence u hv a supplier ??
    If not watsup me at 0834928580

  24. Hey my name is Colleen located in cape town. I want to buy and resell parafin to locals please advice what will i need in order to legally trade. Please contact me on 0711056801.

  25. Hey.. I am Clocolan in Free State . I want to sell paraffin to individuals. Where can I get a paraffin tank and how much is it?

  26. Hi I would like to sell paraffin.. My name is Angey and I am based in Leandra, Mpumalanga. Please help me with the logistics.

  27. hi i am interested in starting a paraffin business around tembisa, please hook me up 067 199 7580

  28. Good day
    I want to start selling Illuminating paraffin at Tembisa.any one to supply me
    Please whatsapp/call 0780074952

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