How to start a health shop in South Africa

How to start a health shop in South Africa

A lot of people are becoming more conscious about the type of food that they consume. This creates a market for healthy eating. This is a guide on how to start a health shop in South Africa.

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A lot of the people who are part of the middle class are very conscious about the food they eat. This trend comes after a lot of studies have been released on how the food we eat affects our lifestyle. People are looking to eat healthy and this is not a trend that will go away anytime soon.

The barriers to entry for starting a health shop can below medium or high, it depends on your business model. You have to decide on whether you are going to operate a physical store or sell online.

Choose a business model

Make a decision on whether you are going to operate from a commercial space or you are going to start an online shop. We highly recommend starting an online store, it will be much easier to scale and you will save a lot of money in overhead costs.

The main advantage of a physical store is that you will get a lot of foot traffic. Especially if you are in a shopping complex. But all this will require you to buy all the equipment that is necessary to operate a physical storefront. Starting a health shop is the same as starting any other grocery store.

Register your business

Registering a business currently costs R125 in South Africa when done through the CIPC. This will also make it easier to have a business account and give you better control over your finances.

Find suppliers

You have to get reliable suppliers, where will you get your inventory? Most people buy inventory from wholesalers, you can also import it. If you are running a health shop then you want to make sure that everything is organic. That should be the focus of your business, to sell organic and healthy things.

Market your business

Your shop will market itself if its it is a physical store in a busy location. People will notice it as they walk past it. You will have to work a lot harder to advertise an online store, you have to be prepared to spend around R60k per year on advertising at the very least.

Your advertising budget should be split between Facebook and Google, Facebook for building a community of healthy conscious people and Google for reaching a broader audience. This will make it easier to have a loyal customer base and will make it easier for people to recognize your brand.


This was a guide on how to start a health shop in South Africa. Do you have any thoughts or questions? Comment below.

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