How to make money during lockdown in South Africa

How to make money during lockdown in South Africa

South Africa went into lockdown on the 26th of March 2020, since then a lot of people have lost their source of income. Students casually joked that they lost their source of income since they’re no longer going to school. These are challenging times for all of us, people are seeking ways of making money online during the lockdown. This article will show you some of the tried and tested ways of how to make money during lockdown in South Africa that actually work.

People reading this piece of content will range from “wanting to make quick cash” and people who are willing to be patient to make some money. For that reason, we are going to cover both aspects, South Africa is unique in the sense that most of the things that might work in countries like the USA don’t work that well here. Most of these ideas will be online based since we are supposed to respect the lockdown rules.

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1) Freelance writing

It was tempting to just say “freelancing” but not all areas of freelancing are generating money. The leading service for now is freelance writing, people are anxious and will be cautious about spending thousands of Rands paying for a website or graphic design. However, one sector that has not been affected by this pandemic is the information sector. Just like now, I am distributing this information to you, companies are looking for freelancers to provide them with the latest news.

All you have to do is write an amazing article (like this) and submit it to them, there are multiple websites that are currently accepting articles in South Africa. The pay-out for one article ranges from R150 to R500. It’s really not that difficult, all you have to do is provide valuable information, the information can also be in the form of latest news or something to do with your hobby. If this is an option you would like to try but are not sure how to go about it please contact me. I will guide you through the process.

This is currently the fastest way to make money during the lockdown in South Africa, you can also make money doing some other freelancing activities. Here are some of the sites that are currently looking for freelancer writers: The South African, Briefly.

2) Do affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is tricky because it works best when you have an audience, the importance of an audience is described in How to make money online in South Africa. You can make a lot of money through affiliate marketing; affiliate marketing is basically marketing products or services for a brand and get paid each time someone buys as a result of your marketing efforts.

The Promta Web Services affiliate program pays out around R180 – R900 for one successful referral. There are multiple affiliate programs, some specialize in fashion and some in beauty products, here is our list of affiliate marketing programs in South Africa.

3) Open a YouTube channel

This is might not really make you money during this lockdown but it will definitely make you some money at some point. Record around 40 YouTube videos, this can be done in a month, proceed to release these videos at a timely schedule during the year. You can release one video per week. It takes a long time to make money from YouTube, the first option is currently the number one option that will earn you money during the lockdown period in South Africa. All other options will require you to wait for some time.

4) Online Tutoring

Schools are currently closed; students and learners are encouraged to study from home. This can be very difficult for some students and learners; you can bridge this gap by offering to tutor them online. This requires you to have knowledge in the subjects that you will be tutoring.


These are some options you can take to make money during lockdown in South Africa. You can also right a book and publish it on Amazon but that would take a lot of time, other options include setting up an online store. Here is a more complete guide on online business that work in South Africa.

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