Why buying Instagram followers is a bad idea

Why buying Instagram followers is a bad idea

A lot of people are not patient with Instagram, they are not willing to wait for natural growth. This leads them to buying fake followers on Instagram. This is not a good idea for anyone running a business or a person looking to be an Instagram influencer. Focus on getting real Instagram followers. There are services in South Africa that allows you to buy Instagram followers in an Instant.

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Buying Instagram followers in South Africa

Having an increase in followers will make your account look good in the short term. It might even push you up to original people’s feeds and might actually increase your followers naturally. However, the Facebook company is putting a lot of resources into cracking down on this behaviour. You might get your account banned and deactivated in the long run, which is really inevitable. You can buy Instagram followers cheaply in South Africa.

For Instagram influencers, what’s really important is the number of people that engage in your posts. These are people who like and comment, that’s what brands care about, they care about your audience more than the number of followers you have. If your audience values your content and opinion then they will surely work with you. An Instagram account with 2 000 followers that gets an average engagement of 500 in posts is better than an account with 20 000 followers that gets twice as much engagement. The other raises eyebrows, it is also a fraud to present yourself as a top influencer on Instagram to get deals with brands.

Instead of buying followers, try your best to build your follower base from the start using natural hacks that actually work. This might take longer than buying Instagram followers but it will be well worth it and you won’t have to worry about Instagram deactivating your account in the near future. Here are ways of getting Instagram followers in South Africa.

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