Clothing affiliate programs in South Africa

Clothing affiliate programs in South Africa

Affiliate marketing is on the rise, more and more people are embracing the idea of affiliate marketing in South Africa. The best thing about affiliate marketing is that you can choose which niche to focus on, if you are into clothing then clothing affiliate marketing makes sense. If you are into beauty then beauty affiliate marketing makes sense. On this article we are going to focus on the clothing affiliate programs that are available in South Africa. Here are clothing affiliate programs in South Africa.

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1) Zando affiliate program

Zando is an online store in South Africa that deals mainly with selling clothing items, their commission rate is 5%, meaning you will get 5% for every product sold.

2) Whalor affiliate program

Whalor sells a variety of high-end clothing, selling top fashion brands including watches and luxurious materials, if you are into luxury then you can look into Whalor, their commission rate is 10%.

3) Zasttra

Zasstra also has an affiliate program, although it’s not pretty clear what their commission on percentage is. This online store sells both clothing and electronic products.

4) Amazon Affiliates

Amazon is a company based in the USA but works perfectly for South Africans, their referral commission ranges from 2% to 10%. It has all the latest clothing and apparel.

Clothing affiliate marketing programs in South Africa

As you can see there are not many options when it comes to clothing affiliate programs in South Africa. This is because a lot of businesses are not aware of the power of affiliate marketing for their clothing items. Another well paying affiliate program is the Promta Web Services affiliate program, it pays 15% commission per product sold. You can make more than R900 just from one sale. However, Promta Web Services deals with selling web design services.

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